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ultralight compact autonomous drones - version2

Details of idea

von tiemenv  |  am 15. Januar 2015 - 21:45  |  
Teilnahme am Wettbewerb E-Fahrzeuge als Transportmittel in der Stadt (Öffentlich) | Kategorie: Lieferservice


Still not the flying Amazon kind :)

alternatively, the drone could even be much smaller, and much slower.
In this case, I imagine a (normal or electric, driver or driverless) delivery truck that could transport a large number of these drones at once, but always staying on the main road. At certain strategic points in the city or along the route, he stops and releases 5-10 drones, each with just one (or maybe 2-3) delivery compartments. these drones travel at walking speed on the sidewalks, making the last 1-2km of the delivery. After delivery, the drones automatically return to the point where they were released.

The main truck continues on with his route, releasing the other drones at other points along the route.
When he is done, 1-2hr later, he comes around the same route again, picking up all the returned drones.

the drones could have a gps tracker to avoid getting stolen :)

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