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ultralight compact autonomous drones

Details of idea

von tiemenv  |  am 15. Januar 2015 - 21:29  |  
Teilnahme am Wettbewerb E-Fahrzeuge als Transportmittel in der Stadt (Öffentlich) | Kategorie: Lieferservice


Not the Amazon flying kind.

Just a lightweight frame & 4 bicycle wheels, plus the electronics to power & navigate. Somewhat like the picture attached. maybe around 1m wide, by 4m long or so. It would have compartments for up to 10-20 different deliveries that can be unlocked by personal delivery code sent on the customers phone. Since it is autonomous (like google driverless car), the is no driver to pay & time it takes to make the delivery is less critical. I imagine normal bike speed so it can easily be passed by cars on the street. it could go on prearranged delivery routes even to villages, up to 20-30km long trips? (~1.5hr max time for food on vehicle? compartments could be insulated for winter / summer extremes)

with the slow speed & weight, the autonomous navigation is also much easier and less risky to manage, as well as extremely energy efficient & quiet (of course electrically powered).

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